The Scorpio Personality, The Sign of the Scorpion  
Oct 24 to Nov 22
Leadership, Adventurous, Loyalty, Psychic Connection, Self Confident, Capable, Practical, Protector, Destiny Seeker.
Areas to Evolve
Nonconforming, Compulsive, Stubborn, Arrogant, Secretive, Attraction to Dark Energy, Use of Power, Self-Destructive, Lust, Revenge, Manipulative, Being Alone, Anger Flashes.
No matter where you are in your spiritual evolution, your sign understands the balance of universal energy better than any other. You have the ability and insight to see the power of the light and at the same time you can draw power from dark energies. You may spend years of your life in too much of either side. As a result, you have an obsession with power because you do use power and a have a taste for it.
You certainly have had and will have your periods of ups and downs, but you will also experience what it is like to pull yourself up from the deepest holes and fall from the greatest heights. At some point you will learn the art of balancing these powers as you acquire spiritual wisdom.
In relationships you are intense and complex without letting your partners be aware of it, unless you are angry and that stinger of the scorpion comes out. You are an extremist and full speed is the only speed you know. Since you are familiar with the process of rebuilding from destruction, you can be a great friend to have around for the most difficult of times. These experiences can also lead you down the path of charitable actions for others.
Though Yin-Yang, the universe gave you the gift of using spiritual powers. Power by itself has no value. It is how you choose to use it that determines if it has been used for good or bad. And you’ve used it for both and experienced the highs and lows of the energy you received back from the universe. You have a side of you that is vindictive. In these situations you can use your power for this purpose or you can use it to attain to a higher spiritual level. How you use your power is your greatest spiritual challenge.
Of course, only you will be able to relate this reading, many of the other signs struggle to get power in the first place. You will also be able to read between the lines of words that have carefully chosen for you.Imagine you are the adviser for a child that has powerful mystic abilities. If you see your soul as the child, you may find a way to channel your ability in ways that will achieve your goals.

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