Sagittarius Personality, The Sign of the Archer   
Nov 23nd to Dec 21st
High Spirits, Happiness, Friendly, Spiritual, Inspirational, Charming, Charitable, Optimistic, Good Judgement, Honesty, Philosophical.
Areas to Evolve
Flashy, Impulsive Spending, Pompous, Fun Over Work, Starting Projects, Details, Emotional Ups and Downs, Learning from Mistakes, Taking Action on Intuitions, Spreading too thin.
Excitement, adventure, and spiritual discovery define the Sagittarius personality. You are the definition of energy in motion and don’t care much about where you end up as long as the journey is intriguing and far from the world of the routine, which care little for. You are a forward-thinking spirit and you tend to rely on your intuition, which is usually right.
You have little in the way of limits that you like to explore, including intimacy in relationships to spirituality.  Like the archer your sign represents, you seek the meaning of life with the pinpoint accuracy of the archer.  In your world no one lies, a human character trait you can sometimes take for granted.
You are brutally honest, and at the same time gullible when others aren’t telling you the truth. This is because anything other than the truth is silly to you and you forget the rest of the world doesn’t subscribe to your notion of advanced communication. And while another soul may be able to pull the wool over your eyes for the moment, you intuitive skills will alert you something is up.
You have an amazing memory for even the smallest facts, and a long history in the unfortunate event a soul is tempted to lie to you. While you are a seeker, you are also a keeper, and anything that inspired you to aspire to at one point of your life is destined to become something you will own forever.
Challenges for the Sagittarian Soul
Since the universe gave you the ambition of adventure, you can expect the opposite from the laws of Yin-Yang.  You easily become bored. This can occur with everything in your life including your career, you relationships, your friends, your home, and anywhere else or with anyone else you spend time with. As a spiritual seeker, you are very good at putting yourself in the company of positive spiritual energy, you can be slow to generate this energy for yourself.
Try to find the opportunity for spiritual enlightenment that leads to actually doing something with it and focus on a little bit more patients with those things that seem routine in your life.  Even routine has its value.

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