The Gemini Personality, The Sign of the Twins  
May 22st to Jun 20st
Versatile, Adapting to Change, Devoted, Witty, Charming, Intellectual, Outgoing, Stimulating, Adventurous, Curious, Freedom.
Areas to Evolve
Nervousness, Scatter-Brained, Money Management, Impractical, Fear of Commitment, Split Personality, Talkative, Look Before You Leap, Childish, Saving for a Rainy Day, Health Management
Of all the zodiac signs out there, yours is the one that seeks astrology readings the most, at least on this website. This supports the notion that you are constantly looking to define who you are, potentially an impossible task because you are two people with two personalities. Who you are depends on who you are at the moment.  You are a cerebral air sign which translates to excessive mental activity and an inability to turn yourself off.
You quickly jump into any interesting and creative projects and quickly find them to be boring. You are always seeking new adventures for yourself to experience.  The speed in which you process information, even useless information, can lead communication issues with your closest relationships.  Try to move at everyone else speed a bit.
You probably have groups of people who know you as one person and groups of people that know you as another. You feel uncomfortable should these groups ever combine and this is the story of your life:  Who are you?  You are curious about everything and there is nothing you won’t try. This leads to a daily task of discovery and since your actions define who you are, you are always someone new.
Whatever is new you must have it.  From the latest styles to the latest gadgets, you have them all and a huge collection of old ones. In many ways, this is how your relationships go too.  Be it personal, work, or with anything else, you tend to leap before you look to experience the now.
The Yin-Yang of the universe has given you a high-strung and nervous side.  This can make you act inconsistent and unpredictable, even to yourself.  You love your freedom and you especially love to explore in your relationships.  Long term relationships can be difficult for you. Your short attention span can easily make others feel like you are non-committal.
You do have the ability to become highly devoted in your closest relationships but for you it is a matter figuring out how  to get from point A to point B. You can be both and still be you.

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