The Pisces Personality, The Sign of the Fish  
Feb 20th to Mar 20th
Romance, Nurturing, Artistic, High Spiritual Strength, Psychic, Sentimental, Devoted, Receptive to New Ideas, Sacrifice.
Areas to Evolve
Low Self Esteem, Guilty Feelings, Isolation, Passive, Too in Love with Love, Dependent, Battles with Subconscious, Introverted, Unfocused, Complaining, Procrastination, Easily Hurt.
Pisces is the last of the twelve signs of the zodiac and as a result, the universe blessed you with a little bit of all the signs in your personality. In some cases, such as psychic ability and intuition, you were a given a little bit of everyone’s talent making you have the most.  As the twelfth sign, it is said your soul is at the end of a spiritual journey.
Your greatest gift, your psychic ability, is also the one you are least like to rely on.  Having picked up some of everything along the way can leave you often feeling confused, either in the realm of emotions or logic. Your decision making can be a little bit off at times, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. Some Pisces early in life develop an inability to organize their talents and turn towards an attitude of self-sacrifice or do things out of obligation.
Pisces are traditional romantics and obsessive daydreamers.  Highly creative, you are in love with love and connect to this energy in real life or through fantasy.  Either way, they will have their loving experiences.
Pisces can be nearly impossible to read or gauge. Over time, you develop these “life masks” you will wear for different occasions.  You choose your words carefully and limit the amount you let out.  Like the two fish swimming in circles that represent your sign, you live in two worlds, the one with other people and the one inside your soul.
The universal law of Yin-Yang provides you with something of value in exchange for what may seem like carrying a little baggage from all the other signs. The great value is your sixth sense. You have a little piece of everyone else inside you for a reason. No, not you make you crazy, but to give you spiritual insights none of the other signs have.
This astrological magic wand, so to speak, is the secret to having all your fantasies and daydreams come true.  Are they daydreams?  Or visions of an amazing future if you can only learn to trust your gift.
Look for these opportunities that set your creative mind in motion, then tap into your spiritual energies to make them come true.

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