The Leo Personality, the Sign of the Lion    
Jul 24rd to Aug 23rd
Romantic, Strong Willed, Trusting, Creative and Artistic,  Stylish, Warm and Friendly, Fun Loving, Helpful, Promotional.
Areas to Evolve
Immaturity, Vanity, Demanding, Money Management, Gullible, Gossipy, Self-Conscious, Opinionated, Accepting Routine, Self-Indulgent, Expert on Everything, Formality, Politically Correct.
Your world is perfect when you have a fan club following you around and hanging on your every word. You can be very proud of yourself and you like the attention of having your ego built up a bit. It’s okay, you are the leader of the pack and take the responsibility very seriously. You are giving, caring, and protective of those souls you accept into your life.
You may have a tendency to believe your place in society is a divine right of passage and that is how you tend to look at your life. You are usually above average in attractiveness, a great social communicator, and have a sincere desire to help others in your fold.  You have a great sense of humor and others find you fun to be around.
You have a super high level of self-esteem and self worth. There is nothing in your mind you can’t do, and often you are right. It is a level of excellence you set on yourself so others may always look up to you. To be adored you have to be adoring.
You’re very creative and have a natural gift for helping others. You can inspire success in others and motivate actions to correct situations and problems. You’re the boss, no doubt, but you are a fair and caring boss.
Others can see you as a bit of a salesman with a demanding ego to close every deal.  The high level you place on yourself can become a situation when you fall short of your goals.  There can be a side of you that is lazy and you must remember that Yin-Yang energy comes back to you, it doesn’t come by itself, you must send it out to the universe first.
In your closest relationships you must set a standard that you are one of two souls that come together to be one relationship. Your soul mate is not part of your fan club and should not be treated as such. You can be pretty demanding and bossy when you are not listening as much as you are talking. Blame is something you should remove yourself from.
Find ways to get off the center of the stage and let others have a little fun with it.  It won’t change your role.

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