The Capricorn Personality, the Sign of the Goat 
Dec 22nd to Jan 20th
Loves Life, Ambition, Determination, Crisis Management, Loyalty, Hard-Working, Prompt, Realistic, Organized, Moralistic.
Areas to Evolve
Overly Critical, Insecure Tendencies, Not Likely to Bend, Scattered, Too Cautious, Sarcastic, Seeking Protection and Reassurance, Vulnerable, Living in the Past, Depressive.
Capricorn is the zodiac sign of energy in motion and action. A doer and a survivor, you have a deep passion for triumphing over even the longest odds. Be it love, friendship, or professional, you are a loyal in all your relationships.  Personal happiness tends to come in the second half of your life when your hard work pays off and yields its returns.
You generally have no trouble applying yourself to anything because you understand the value of things and the cost to acquire them. You are an earth sign so you are very grounded and realistic in your thinking.  You rarely lose sight of your goals. You work hard, you play hard, and you tend to pay for your mistakes, be it financial, emotional, or related to fate.
Your soul is blessed with a strong sense of purpose and direction. You’re ambitious, determined, and generally a calming force in emergency situations. You can be a little materialistic, but that can be expected when you are attracted to structure and conformation. Prestige and money can be something you look for in your relationships. To you, “triumphing” often refers to money and you use like the score of a game.
The Ying-Yang of the universe generally gave you the energy of being pretty self-sufficient, yet you take comfort and security in protection.  Your soul is sure-footed but cautious. You are uncomfortable with taking risks and you have a very long memory if a risk doesn’t pay off.
You have a tendency to develop insecurity issues which can lead to moodiness and depression. In relationships you prefer to progress at a slow, comfortable pace because emotional closeness is something that you are shy about. You hate the idea of giving up independence, yet have dependent needs. There is a spiritual balance there for you work out.
You do have a tendency to pick relationship partners that have nothing to offer you in return. Use your daily horoscope readings to focus your energies on taking a little risk, but draw on your strengths of calculation.  It’s okay to sometimes feel and be vulnerable.  The Universe gave us necks so we stick them out every once in a while.

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