The Aquarius Personality, The Water Bearer  
January 21th to Feb 19th
Unpossessive, Intuitive, Nonmaterialistic, Logical, Informal, Charitable, Civilized, Truthful, Responsible, Humble, and Friendly.
Areas to Evolve
Too Independent, Abrupt Changes, Aloof and Offbeat, Shyness, Add Limits to your Inhibitions,  Opinionated, Compartmentalized, Fear of Intimacy, Romance, and Giving Up too Quickly.
Aquarians are the cerebral “thinkers” of the zodiac. If you can understand the thoughts that occur in a mind have no limitations or boundaries, then you can understand what is like to be an Aquarian.  You are intelligent, creative, logical, and have the ability to solve very difficult or unusual problems, with solutions that are pure genius or diabolically insane.  There are more Aquarians in mental institutions than any other zodiac sign.
Anything associated with the mind is within the realm of Aquarius. The term “The Age of Aquarius” refers to a human evolution towards advanced mental ability. This would include intuition, telepathy, visions, and a higher appreciation towards humanity. While the rest of the world is evolving, Aquarius is already there, and then some.
In fact, Aquarians live in the future. Anything old, stagnant, or routine bores you. Your advanced mind needs constant stimulation which makes you naturally curious and extremely adventurous. Your goals are always to build or rebuild a better life for yourself and those around you.
As you probably know, the universe gives energy under the spiritual laws  Yin-Yang.  Your great cerebral abilities do not come without universal challenges for you to overcome.  These challenges are primarily based in areas which you have difficulty translating into data, such as emotions.
You will experience a difficulty showing, managing, and participating in relationships that involve emotional closeness, especially love. It’s not that you don’t love or feel loving emotions, because you do, but just like other signs don’t think like you, you don’t handle emotions as well as the other signs.
You will need a very understanding and undemanding partner that will carry most of the emotional load in a relationship.  These partners are not easy to find, so you must learn to invest some of your genius energy into those closest to you.
Try to focus your superior mental abilities on the people closest to you
and a little less on the abstract.  A little attention will go a long way for you.

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