Taurus Personality The Sign of the Bull
April 20st to May 21th
Humble, Tolerant, Kind, Honest, Methodical, Affectionate, Money-Maker, Appreciative, Dependable, Organizational.
Areas to Evolve
Habitual Lifestyle, Possessive, Luxury Living, Jealousy, Conservative, Greedy, Can be Cold, Self-Righteous, Insecurity, Fear of Losing, Cautious, Stubborn just to be so.
The Taurus spiritual personality closely resembles the astrological traits of being a fixed earth sign. “Fixed”, in that Taurus often finds it difficult to accept change and “earth” as in grounded, stable energy. Think of trying to move a boulder across your yard and that is what it is to be Taurus. Most people are quick to associate the term “stubborn” too.
If that doesn’t doesn’t sound too flattering a start to your reading, try to understand why the universe made you what you are. You are the center of your own universe. Your home and your relationships are everything to you, it’s not that you are stubborn, you are rock solid making you dependable, conservative, and materialistic, in a good way.
Relationships to you are almost like things. You have a strong desire to control your environment, which can easily include the people in them. Those that choose to be part of your world receive all that encompasses your morals and values. For you, love is a deep emotion that is solid like a rock and you reward those closest to you with all the weight of a boulder, including ways that could make me blush.
You do have a flair for being a little self-indulgent, especially when it comes to food. If you’re not a good cook yet, you will be. You are organizational, managerial, and a creature of habits. You are also a sentimental romantic and the world doesn’t have enough of those.
Your possessive personality makes you everything positive in your personality buy as the universal energy of the Yin-Yang would suggest, it can also be a downfall if not properly managed. Possessive can easily lead to gluttony in the form of luxury items, the latest comforts, and of course food. Each has it’s own ying-yang effect.

Try to identify the difference between opportunity and excess. You can have your jealous moments too. Be aware that your goal is not so much to go and seek out all the wonders of the universe like an Aquarian, but to bring all the wonders of the universe into your backyard. Focus on quality, not quantity.


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