Virgo Personality, the Sign of the Virgin  
August 24 to September 23
Character, Efficiency, Healthy Lifestyle, Charitable, Perfectionist, Knowledgeable, Modest, Monogamous, Caring.
Areas to Evolve
Criticism, Worrying all the Time, “What If” Scenarios, Demanding, Perfectionist, Repressed, Selection Process, Neat-Freak, Compulsive Tendencies, Too Much Time Working.
The universe has decided to bestow on you all the energy that represents purity and perfection as they pertain to mind and soul. Someone has to do it, this is why your symbol is the virgin. It’s not to say you don’t let your hair down a bit, because you can, but traditionally you will enjoy a rather routine lifestyle, with a driving dedication towards whatever career path you have chosen for yourself.
Others see you as dedicated, and you are. You probably work out and have a great interest in health and living a healthy lifestyle. What comes easy to you is often the most difficult challenge for others. You dwelling is probably neat beyond neat.
You are all that is grounded, including honesty, modesty, down to earth. You can speak with anyone and have a natural calling to help others in need, something that often comes back to haunt you.
In your relationships you like to give benefits to get benefits. You can also be a little on the critical side when you sense you are getting the balance you require. Overall, you are the most accepting soul of the zodiac and you don’t like to play games in your relationships.
You will have your periods of self-doubt and low self-esteem and these moments can get out of control if you let them. This can lead to indecision as you play “what if” often envisioning the worst case scenario. A better understanding of universal Yin-Yang energy will help you overcome things only you seem to be worrying about.
You know how you think you want things to go but you can often experience difficulty in defining exactly what that is. If you want the perfect relationship, you are willing to experiment to the extreme to define exactly what that means. This can lead you down a path with no resolve and finding less of what you seek.

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